E-Commerce Website Program

Free Custom Branded Websites and Managed
E-Commerce Solutions to Maximize Plaque Sales
We simplify the recognition plaque sale process with no additional labor or capital investment required. Capitol Summit Plaques will handle everything—website design and hosting, emailing, sales order processing, manufacturing, and shipping. Let us create a new profit center for your company.

In the past, selling plaques and recognition awards required a lot of time and money. Companies had to mail out a flyer informing the customer of their recent accolade or award, wait for them to return the order form, call them to confirm their information, process their payment, and then have the award produced and shipped. Due to this extensive time commitment and capital expense, it often was not worthwhile to incorporate a recognition division within a company.

As a leading manufacturer of wood plaques and recognition awards, we wanted to streamline this process for our customers, so we created a proprietary e-commerce website program. With no investment on your part, we will design a custom branded website with your preferred products and pricing. We will host and manage your site free of charge and handle all manufacturing and shipping.


We’ll design your website, including your logo, color template, contact information, and banner messages.


Enhance your customer experience with auto-population—your customer will view their awards exactly as they will appear and can edit their information if desired.


Choose the products you want to sell: wood plaques, acrylic wall stands, brushed metal plaques, desktop awards, digital badges, article reprints, banners, promotional items, or your own items.


Set your pricing and calls to action, including coupon codes
and giveaways.


Enjoy full commerce capabilities with your merchant ID—you’ll receive the money directly in your account.


Access your own dashboard, where you can view your sales in real time, send reminder emails to customers with abandoned carts, generate sales and tax reports, and much more.


Customers and members can access their eligible recognition plaques by searching their name on your company/association’s custom directory. After selecting their name, they will be forwarded to your branded website where they will view their award, already populated with their personalized information. In addition, we can continually update the directory with new members and award winners every year.